Goal and vision


Faced with a dominant system which is clearly unsustainable both in ecological and human terms, our society urgently needs to initiate a metamorphosis, in clearly orienting itself towards a society that is ecologically sustainable, socially just and of a democratic quality.

We can and must assume the responsibility to change our everyday behaviour and to constantly search for collective solutions which combat the destruction of ecosystems, the acceleration of climate change and worsening social injustice.

Fortunately, this change has indeed begun. There exists on all continents creativity. Almost everywhere, women and men are choosing to consume differently, to live differently, to transform their neighborhood and to enroll in solidarity and cooperative initiatives. These are the many ways that may, developing together and connecting with each other, forge this new path to the metamorphosis.

Moving from an economy of possession (produce, buy, consume, throw away) to an economy of use (create, use, repair, exchange, share, give ... ) refusing to accept inequality, aiming at a life that this richer in a sense.... requires us need to go against the grain of the dominant language which is always inciting us to consume again and again. And this is not obvious!

This course requires companionship by means of a project undertaken jointly in a spirit of conviviality and security, at the local level, involving local stakeholders and addressing everybody and everyone.

This is the meaning of the project "Companions of the Transition" starting in the commune of Watermael–Boitsfort with all those who are willing to participate.

To address these issues, we propose a variety of ways, with many round trips and many connections:

- Understand the challenges that we face in order to act
- Meet, listen to, inform, make aware and engage people in the place where they live
- Together, residents, users, associations ... an inventory of situations that one wants to transform through a systemic approach
- Mobilise local stakeholders, strengthen and link existing initiatives and practices
- Create a citizen power that is able to challenge the identified centres of power
- Be present in the various areas of the commune
- Belong to a network of  associations and movements in Brussels, Belgium and elsewhere.

 Vous êtes interressé-e par la démarche, vous voulez en savoir plus, vous voulez participer ou adhérer...

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